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Finding strength at the end ranges

So often we lack strength at the end ranges of joint movements. Strengthening these ranges can have an incredible impact on our ability to perform the exercises.


Understanding the Neutral zone & dynamic stability

Following the VNO on Teaching Neutral Spine- does it have any value? which you can find in the VNO recordings, this mat class explores how and when to teach the neutral zone and encourage dynamic stability.


The Mat as told by the Elders

I absolutely love uncovering new variations that the Elders taught from my own study & personal practise with incredible teachers. Please know that as these are second hand, I will have undoubtedly added my own interpretation at times! Finally, please excuse my overhead work! It wa soo hard on my high mat (that’s my excuse anyway!)! Serves me right for trying to be comfortable!!


Visual Mat- Pilat-EYES!

Following on from the VNO on the Visual System, this mat class shows how using the eyes and gaze can hugely impact our movement


Vestibular Mat

Following on from the VNO on the Vestibular System, this mat class shows you how to stimulate and keep healthy the body’s primary system of balance & your posture superpower!


The Crossover

It’s time to really focus on the inner thigh connection!


A Moment of Quiet

There are times when we love an upbeat, high energy class and the times when we need to give ourselves space and time to breathe and find a sense of calm. This class focuses on allowing movement with breath.


Rotations- Pathway to Spine Twist

Too good not to share with you all, this is one of the Rise & Spine weekly classes-based on the Spine Twist

Leg Alignment

Using a tennis ball, this really enhanced the connection from the centre outwards, keeping the correct lower limb alignment and noticing the points where the legs want to lose that deep connection.


The Swizzle!

This class using internal and external rotation at the shoulder & hip to really release and oil the joints! There was a lot of love for this one after although it really highlighted those left to right restrictions!


34 Mat- The 2s

A trip through the Mat performing only 2 reps of each but with a focus on technique and breath


Mat-NYC Tricks & Treats
Featuring the circle and weights to bring you some traditional Endings complete with some influences from the amazing Cynthia Shipley- this class is an intense Mat with fire!


The Hips- Turn In or Turn Out?

External or internal rotation? Adduction or Abduction? How can we use hip movements to enhance or Pilates exercises? This class explores these strategies to change focus and connections.


Follow the Leader

Here the pelvis is the star of the show! This class really highlights how much we tend to skip and disconnect the legs from the pelvis. Hopefully at the end of this class you will feel reconnected with a deep sense of strength.


All My Favourite Things!

This Mat class based on the 34 consists of my favourite cues and variations of each move.


Upper Body Holiday Love!

This 20 mins class is based on exercises I do when I am on holiday to help maintain my shoulder and elbow strength & mobility. I hope you enjoy it too!


The Arm Question?

This 45 min Mat class emphasises the use of the arms in any and every way possible!


Into Inversions-

Going into Jackknife, Bicycle, Scissors requires upper back extension, strong arms and lower limb control. This class takes you through various preps and exercises which build the strength and alignment to help you achieve these advanced exercises.


Mat Secrets-sssh!

Our first class IN PERSON for 2 years!! I absolutely loved seeing you and sharing some Mat secrets to really help with the exercises. Personal favourite- The Corkscrew! Ssssh! Don’t tell everyone!


Mat- Ground Force!

Have we forgotten to use the most amazing and effective piece of equipment we have? The floor! This class cues all the exercises from the floor, giving us extra engagement and connections to really enhance our movement. (Sorry for the video quality! I had to record on Zoom)


The Hammies

So often clients feel a strong sensation of tightness at the back of the legs and feel they need to stretch their hamstrings. More beneficial is to strength them in their full range of motion. Enjoy!


Mat Flow-
It seemed such a shame to not share with you all one of the sessions from the JPilates Party 2021. This class is all about Flow- Enjoy!!


Mat- The Side Bend- Understand the differences between Joseph Pilates’s Side Bend and the Side Bend that is more often taught today. Work through the various elements to find the strength, stability and alignment you need for this tough exercise!


Mat- Happy Feet!

In the JPilates Studio classes, we have been focusing on the feet and everyone has absolutely loved it! So it’s seems a tragedy not to share this with you all.


Whose side are you on?











Opposition is the secret challenge in all the exercises. The Roll-Up is not always about getting to the mat and back, it’s the opposition you can find on the way down and up!


Beat the Cork-Screw!
The feedback from this class has been amazing! This class is all about how to build up to the Cork-Screw- the ability to truly rotate, the upper body strength and the ability to sequentially flex through the spine. It was such a pleasure to take time to observe and correct our own movement to really help pinpoint the areas we need to focus on to achieve this complex exercise.


Mat-Tastic Xmas Party!
In this class I really wanted to focus on flow and transitions. I used the breath to highlight how the pattern can change how we feel and execute an exercise.


The Mat & Beyond!
It’s hard to improve perfection but this month’s class will try and add a little extra magic to the 34 Mat Repertoire. Come & play!!!


Pilates For Men
There is no denying it- teaching men is different form teaching women! This class will focus on the different cues, adaptations and exercises to really key into teaching men!


The Advanced Mat- Break Them Down & Build Them Up!
Let’s explore how to smoothly break down and build up the Advanced Mat exercises so they are accessible to any level of ability in your class


Mat Flow
Ahhh! My favourite style of class! Beautiful transitions and smooth choreography to give you a seamless session! It’s tough though!


Go Big to Be Epic!
Inspired by a fantastic Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy called “Your body language may shape who you are”, this Pilates class explores how making big shapes in the exercises can infuse and enhance a sense of EPICNESS in our clients.


The 34 Preps
The Mat Repertoire is not just a collection of 34 exercises but a beautifully sequenced movement journey. Due to various restrictions, some clients do not experience the full trip. This class takes you on prep versions of the exercises and transitions so any ability can enjoy the mat journey!


Pilates Flow
This class is from our Xmas party and as a gift from us is available to all levels of Associate so make sure you request yours. It is a beautifully choreographed class set to music to ensure flow and fluidity


The Neck
The neck is not only frequently misaligned but also misused. Often a source of discomfort and pain, this class will explore how to mobilise, align and strengthen this segment of the spine.


Treat Your Thoracic Spine
This class emphasises the mobility, strength and flexibility of the thoracic spine to really twist, bend and extend this potentially locked area of the spine.


Following on from questions on the JPilates Facebook forum, this class focuses on how we cue our “centre” without using terms such as abdominals, and of course core! It really emphasis how we need to use the back line of the body to support forward flexion and help create that wonderful feeling of space and deep strength through the body.


Mat-Pure & Simple
This class celebrates the magic of a pure Mat class focusing on cueing and technique.


Upper Body Focus
This class focuses not only strengthening and mobilise the upper body but explores how to use the upper limbs to access the thoracic spine and how emphasising the arm connection can really change the challenge and support during the moves


Hip Extension
The trickiest of all joint movement! This class focuses on creating movements to de-emphasise and soften the pesky hip flexors and mobilise the hip joints to take you to the elusive Extensor Heaven!!!


Spinal Articulation
By request, this class is designed to really develop and enhance your spinal mobility in order to allow a sense of fluidity and ease when performing the Pilates repertoire. I was delighted by all the comments the next day of how great your spines were feeling!


Technique Focus
In this class, there are tips and tricks to ensure you and your clients reach your full Pilates potential- look out for the Teaser where the magic really happens!


Unbend-Keep Your Back in Balance
So many of our clients struggle to correctly extend, to get the whole spine to actively and equally participate in extension exercises. This session provides many adaptations to add extension to the moves, giving opportunities to stretch and lengthen through the front of the body and practise sequential and segmental spinal extension


Just Breathe!
Seen as THE most fundamental principle in Pilates classes, but also the most discussed technique, Breath can be an obstacle to overcome rather than an incredible tool to aid movement flow and fluidity. This class cues only through breath and attempts to simplify this powerful inherent part of our teaching.

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