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The health of today’s children is increasingly compromised by a lack of physical activity and a culture of convenience.

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“In childhood, habits are easily formed-good and bad. Why not concentrate on the formation of only good habits and thus avoid the necessity later on in life of attempting to correct bad habits and submitting for them good habits…the proper development of body and mind, through the new science of “Contrology” is what must be taught the child”
Joseph Pilates

In his booklet “Your Health”, Joseph Pilates strongly sets forth his vision of teaching Pilates to children from a very young age. His dream was for his Method to be taught in all schools and colleges, educating children in breathing, posture, unrestricted natural exercise and even cleanliness!

The health of today’s children is increasingly compromised by a lack of physical activity and a culture of convenience. Teaching children Pilates offers a huge range of benefits, these include:

• Boosts fitness and increases concentration

• Improves dynamic posture and spinal alignment

• Increases strength and flexibility

• Improves sporting performance

• Increases awareness of the body as it changes and grows through childhood development

• Increases self-esteem, stamina, confidence and can help reduce anxiety and stress

• Improves sleep and ability to relax

• Helps social interaction and acceptance

What you will learn

• The workshop will be built on a foundation of knowledge gained from the pre-course material which will include:

• Anatomy & Physiology relating to exercise programming for children’s health at the various key stages.

• How to maintain health, safety, welfare and safeguarding in the Pilates environment.

• You will build on existing Pilates knowledge to develop and explore detailed programmes for each key stage of child development

• We will use elements of play and fun to bring Pilates techniques and exercises to life for the younger age ranges whilst adapting and enhancing the exercises to better suit the needs of the young teen.

• How to plan and progress Pilates classes for each Key Stage from 1-5 (5years to 17 years old)

Dates & cost

You need to be a qualified Pilates teacher to attend.

This 6 hour workshop is available for 30 days from date of purchase

Cost: £175 (incl VAT)

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Our courses and workshops are research based and internationally recognised and credited CPD courses.
Ongoing learning and development will enable you to:

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• Apply your learning in 1-1 and group settings

• Promote your ongoing learning and expertise in your Marketing, to retain and gain clients.

For more information please contact info@jpilates.co.uk or telephone 07812076919

“I have loved each and every one of the JPilates workshops and always look forward to the next one I treat myself too!”

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