Barrels Collection

Extend the scope of your teaching repertoire by adding the Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Small Barrel. They provide incredible support whilst restoring the spine’s natural curves.

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The Barrels are exceptional pieces of Pilates apparatus. Joseph Pilates designed them to strengthen, lengthen and improve overall posture. They provide incredible support whilst restoring the spine’s natural curves. There are three types of barrel, the ladder barrel or high barrel, small barrel and the spine corrector or step barrel.

You are welcome to attend the training either in person or live stream if you have access to the equipment

Barrels Collection

What you will learn:

The complete Barrel repertoire on all three types of Barrel.

• Understand the many variations and modifications which will allow you to adapt the moves to suit the differing needs and goals of your clients.

• Enhance the essential teaching skills to improve your client’s movement quality and deliver a safe and effective Barrel session in any environment.

• Understand the health & safety aspects of teaching on the Barrels

• Explore progressive programming to create fluidity and flow through your sessions.

What you will receive:

You will have access to a full range of high quality materials and resources to enhance and further support your learning included are:

• A fully comprehensive, bound Barrels manual

• A video library of the Barrels repertoire

Dates, Cost & Location

You need to be a qualified Pilates teacher to attend.

Dates: 7th June 2024 or
6th December 2024

Venue: JPilates Studio, 33 Audley Rd, Chelmsford, CM3 1RS
Cost: £250 (incl VAT)

“Jo always goes over and above the basics of the course so you always complete a course with more than you signed up for. She makes you feel completely comfortable so you feel at ease asking any questions”

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