JPilates Convention June 2024

Coming together for Pilates inspiration and friendship.
Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th June 2024.

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JPilates Convention 2024
Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th June 2024

With the on-going success of our Annual Conventions, we are delighted to be holding a winter and summer convention again in 2024!

The programme promises to ensure each session provides new challenges, creative movement ideas and up to date research guaranteed to inspire and develop your knowledge and skills as a Pilates teacher in both group classes and 1-2-1 contexts.

Each session will be brimming with inspirational variations and innovative adaptations designed to enrich and enhance your Pilates teaching. You will leave energised and motivated with new concepts and strategies to use with your clients. Join us for drinks after and have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other teachers.

As always, recordings of the sessions will be available for you to refer back to after the event.

The Programme

The Mat Enhanced

This opening session will take the Mat exercises to the next level! Using cues to create and enhance the two-way stretch, you will go deeper, intensify & find even more elongation in every exercise, regardless of the variation you choose. Opposition is key!

Extension Masterclass

Following on from questions asked at our last Convention, this session will address extension to help you & clients find the love for exercises like Swan Dive & Rocking. We will explore cues, preps and variations to increase extension opportunities whilst setting realistic expectations of what the body can actually achieve. This session promises to get the whole body actively and equally participating in extension exercises to give you a sense of power, elongation & epicness!

The Gliders

Gliders are fantastic pieces of small equipment. They challenge balance and proprioception, increase strength and add functional movement elements. This session will focus on the eccentric phase of the exercises, the secret to greater strength, flexibility & control!

Up Your Game

Pilates has become the go-to option for many coaches and elite athletes to help enhance performance and injury prevention. Coupled with the amount of media coverage and love Pilates is receiving, many sports enthusiasts are looking to Pilates to help improve skill and ensure longevity in their chosen sport.

With all sports, certain movements are repeated over and over. This can lead to tissue imbalances and  repetitive strain. This session will explore how we can use Pilates to address joint restrictions and strength deficits to restore more balance and equality to offset the necessary sport specific patterns.

Spirals- The Source of our Power & Agility

Spiralling movements give us the freedom to bend, twist, spin, turn, circle and rotate. They are absolutely essential in creating and maintaining our mobility and health. We see spiral patterns and shapes throughout our bodies such as our heart, DNA and connective tissues. This session adds spirals and twists to our Mat exercises transforming the two dimensional exercises into functional 3 dimensional movements enhanced with fluidity and flow.

“The JPilates convention is a mix of knowledge bombs, Pilates practice and pure fun! Jo covers so much in one day, it was incredible!”

Date & cost

How to book

Saturday 29th June 2024 – 09.30-17.00 + drinks


Sunday 30th June 2024 – 09.30-17.00 + drinks

Location: London School of Capoeira, N4 3RF

Price: £175.00 (inc VAT)

Cancellation Policy:

The registration is binding. For any booking cancelled up to 30 days before the beginning of the event, a fee of £40.00 will arise. For a cancellation within the 30 days, sorry but no refund will be issued unless in extreme circumstances.

Limited places available. Please note that your place is not confirmed until full payment is made.

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“No judgement, everybody welcome, respecting each other ability/knowledge and all that with a great smile.”


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