Tower/Cadillac Collection

With an incredible range of exercises and variations, the Cadillac/Tower is invaluable for rehabilitation and the highest level of challenge.

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Joseph Pilates’ work with the ill, injured and sick has been well documented, and when looking at the Cadillac it is clear its inspiration came from a hospital bed.

The Tower is a half Cadillac, with the ability to replicate almost all of the Cadillac repertoire. Both are remarkable piece of apparatus which lends themselves well to rehabilitation work.

The Cadillac and Tower allow movements to be performed supine, side-lying, prone and standing, facing all directions and even hanging!

Over the 2 days of training the Tower/Cadillac repertoire will be fully explored, with an emphasis placed on exercise prescription. You will build on previous learning and further enhance teaching skills, such as observation and correction and visualisation.Assessment is in the form of a written session plan based on a theoretical case study.

You are welcome to attend the training either in person or live stream if you have access to the equipment

Tower/Cadillac Collection

What you will learn:

• The complete Cadillac/Tower repertoire, from the foundational exercises such as Roll Back to advanced exercises such as Monkey

• Understand the many variations and modifications which will allow you to adapt the moves to suit the differing needs and goals of your clients.

• Enhance the essential teaching skills to improve your client’s movement quality and deliver a safe and effective Cadillac/Tower session in any environment.

• Understand the health & safety aspects of teaching on the Cadillac/Tower

• Explore progressive programming to create fluidity and flow through your sessions.

What you will receive:

You will have access to a full range of high quality materials and resources to enhance and further support your learning included are:

• A fully comprehensive, bound Cadillac/Tower manual

• A video library of the Cadillac/Tower repertoire

Dates, Cost & Location

You need to be a qualified Pilates teacher to attend.

Dates: 22nd & 23rd August 2024
15th November & 29th November 2024
15th February & 8th March 2025

Venue: JPilates Studio, 33 Audley Rd, Chelmsford, CM3 1RS
Cost: £420 (incl VAT)

“Jo is a true inspiration. All of the training courses that I’ve done have been invaluable and have changed the way I teach. She is FULL of Pilates wisdom in terms of analysing movement and helping client’s to reach their full potential AND business advice. I LITERALLY LOVE HER”

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