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JPilates Associates is an invaluable membership dedicated to providing Pilates instructors with opportunities of continual professional development.

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JPilates Associates
Our continual professional development programme aims to:

• Inspire and motivate you in your teaching

• Keep you up to date with the latest research and concepts

• Encourage you to maintain your own personal practice

• Provide you with opportunities to ask advice or discuss business development with our expert team

• Immerse you in a supportive and professional network.

• Provide a large resource base of class plans, classes and other training materials.

JPilates Associates enjoy the following benefits

Pilates classes

Join us for monthly Pilates classes, streamed via Zoom. The classes will be recorded and uploaded to the Classes section to watch back. There is a large library of past classes to choose from.

Associates area

Access to this area will allow you to download valuable teaching resources such as

  • The Mat Repertoire Video Library- This is a video library of the Mat Exercises as seen in Return to Life Through Contrology with the addition of the Stomach Series. In each video I explain the intention and challenges of each exercise and then break each one down showing how you can progress your clients through each level.

  • Classes- Recordings of the Teacher Classes to watch back and gain new inspiration and ideas

  • Class Plans & Audios- Plans with audio explanations to help you create new choreography or focus on specific areas or conditions

  • The Homework Club- videos and audio recordings to give clients for in between sessions

  • The Cue Bank- key cues for Pilates exercises

  • Virtual Night Out Recordings- Listen back to the Virtual Night Outs like The Shoulder, Demystifying the Pelvic Floor, Pilates & Osteoporosis and many more.

  • Educational Videos- 10-30 minute routines to do every day or to develop classes from.

  • The Equipment Series- Videos dedicated to enhancing your knowledge and practise of the Equipment Repertoire

This area will be updated every month with new learning material and teaching resources.

Virtual Night Out

At times we can feel isolated in our work and these monthly virtual get togethers will allow you to chat, catch up and share experiences with other Pilates teachers from the comfort of your own home. Different topics and areas of interest are discussed such as Pelvic Floor health, working with larger clients, spinal disc anatomy. A glass of wine is optional! These will be recorded so if you can not attend you can watch back later.

Associates Forum

The JPilates Associates Forum is an exclusive, closed Facebook forum where you can ask technical questions, share experiences and exchange ideas with other Pilates instructors in a supportive and friendly environment. The Forum will have a strong input from our expert team.

Ask Jo

Sometimes you may have specific questions that you would like to ask privately. This option allows you to ask Joanne Cobbe any question via email. There is a response time of 48 hours.


Cost: £180 for 12 months or a monthly Direct Debit of £15.
Please note that it is a 12 month contract.

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“Being an Associate is a must, you get so much information and so much help with your home practice and so much more! Love my job, love Pilates, thanks to Jo”

JPilates Associates

JPilates Associates is an invaluable membership dedicated to providing Pilates instructors with continual professional development and benefits.

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