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Whether you are looking to become a Pilates teacher, further develop your existing knowledge or continue your professional development, our Pilates workshops have been designed for you.

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Pilates for the Older Adult

This workshop will deepen and develop your existing knowledge to allow you bring the incredible benefits of Pilates to our older clients, including improving bone density, enhancing balance & gait, decreasing stress and anxiety, increasing strength and mobility.

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Pilates & Pain Management

As Pilates instructors we know that many of our clients seek Pilates to help manage and alleviate pain. Pilates allows us to re-align, re-wire and re-connect with our bodies. It is the perfect exercise system to address habitual movement patterns and create positive movement experiences.

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Pilates Support Through Breast Cancer

Pilates can be an incredible tool to help breast cancer survivors regain their sense of well being and enhance recovery after surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

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Pilates for Children

The health of today’s children is increasingly compromised by a lack of physical activity and a culture of convenience. This workshop will use elements of play and fun to bring Pilates techniques and exercises to life for the younger age ranges whilst adapting and enhancing the exercises to better suit the needs of the young teen.

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Small Equipment Series

This recorded series of workshops explores how to use the small equipment to improve technique, build strength and greatly advance your client’s Pilates practise. You will gain so many new ideas, variations and inspiration

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Mat Breakdown

This workshop is designed to boost your understanding of the Mat Repertoire and how to break down the exercises without losing the true intention and purpose!

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Pilates Playground

This workshop is designed to inspire with so many new variations, fresh ideas and adaptations of the Pilates Repertoire without the use of props or equipment!

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The Pilates Hand

How often do your clients avoid, modify or stop doing an exercise due to sore wrists? Imagine if we can help them find more strength and mobility not only for Pilates but to help every day tasks?

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The PIlates Foot

We know how important and impactful the strength, mobility and alignment of the foot and ankle are to our whole functional movement and dynamic posture so how can we incorporate more of the footwork into our Mat sessions?

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Where's your head at?

This workshop promises to give you fantastic strategies to ensure excellent head position, dependent on the movement of the spine.

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The Art of Cueing

This workshop is THE game changer!

Do you have a “Pilates script” where you always say the same thing, use the same visualisations and teaching cues? Do you feel you are repeating the same thing over and over, wondering if your clients are still listening to what you are saying?

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“Every workshop I have ever done with JPilates has been exceptional. I always leave full of new ideas, hugely inspired and generally skipping out on cloud 9! I am so grateful to have found Jo, no other workshops can you fully engage with the teacher and ask as many questions as you like.”


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