Wunda Chair for Special Populations

Expand your knowledge of the Wunda Chair repertoire and its incredible benefits for special populations such as pre & post natal and older adults

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The Wunda Chair’s unique and versatile design means that is an excellent choice for working with special populations. It is incredibly functional as it allows us to take our Pilates exercises into the vertical plane, either standing or seated. It provides opportunities to do exercises which might be uncomfortable or difficult to do on a mat or reformer.

This workshop will explore how the Chair exercises and various adaptations can be used to improve balance, increase strength through the whole body, enhance mobility with dynamic stability in a safe and effective way for our clients with differing needs.

Wunda Chair for Special Populations

What will you learn:

  • You will consider the differing needs of clients from special populations and the implications of using the Wunda Chair safely.
  • You will explore many variations and adaptations of the traditional Chair exercises with an emphasis on the differing needs of our clients.

Available live & watch back:

This practical workshop will be delivered live stream and will be recorded so you can watch back after to reinforce your learning and if you are unable to attend live. Recordings are available for 30 days

Dates & cost

You need to be a qualified Pilates teacher to attend.

Date: 18th April 2024

Time:10.00- 16.00

Cost: £175 (incl VAT)

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“As always the format was very clear and concise and I always feel like I can ask questions where necessary. I also like the opportunity to review the recording afterwards so that on the day of the training I don’t have to worry about taking notes and forgetting nuggets of information.”

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