Pilates Meets Pain Science

A two day course with Josh Fein-Brown

Combining Pilates with Pain Science, this course will vastly expand your understanding and knowledge of pain and how to help your clients manage their pain.

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As Pilates instructors we know that many of our clients seek Pilates to help manage and alleviate pain, we ourselves may have found Pilates due to our own pain experiences.

Pilates allows us to re-wire and re-connect with our bodies and this course will further enhance your teaching with strategies and techniques to complement your existing knowledge. The aim of any session when working with a client in pain is adaptability- moving from effort to softness, from detailed attention to broad attention, internal focus to external, all with ease and flexibility.

We will look at pain through all it’s ranges, from low back pain to fibromyalgia, foot & ankle pain to sciatica, sports injuries to chronic pain.

If you already attended this Pilates & Pain Management workshop, this two day course will greatly deepen and broaden your knowledge complimenting your existing understanding.


Course Outline

Day One:

Morning Lectures:

  • Theory lecture covering the evolution of humans and the movement system.
  • The neurobiology of pain, from the periphery to the brain.

Afternoon practical: Looking into ourselves.

  • Integrating theory into movement practice.
  • Looking inward to understand the sensations of the body in movement
  • Breath-work for nervous system regulation, first to relax then to energise
  • Nociception-led movements, increasing awareness, safety and efficiency for people in pain

Day Two:

Morning Lectures: How do we perceive the world and ourselves?

  • Outlining the current scientific understanding of conscious perception
  • How to use this understanding to improve communication and effective practice

Afternoon practical: Bringing in the breath, and working with clients.

  • Applying theory to work with clients using specific questions and communication styles
  • Integrating breath work into awareness and movement practices to optimise nervous system balance and reduce pain
  • Integrating nociceptive movements and communication styles to help our clients to have positive movement experiences in the face of pain.

About Josh Fein Brown

Josh is an Osteopath, Naturopath, and Pain Specialist.

I have a fascination with pain, how it works, and how to treat it. I believe in empowering patients to take control of their own health so that pain no longer governs what they can and cannot do.”



Dates & cost

Date: 15th & 16th June 2024

Time:10.00- 16.00

Venue: London School of Capoeira, N4 3RF

Cost: £350 (incl VAT)

Limited places available.

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“I thought the content was brilliant, the way it was delivered was brilliant, and the resources were brilliant. I’ve been like a different teacher today and have referred to my new notes several times already. My clients noticed the difference too.”

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