The Pilates Hand

How often do your clients avoid, modify or stop doing an exercise due to sore wrists? Imagine if we can help them find more strength and mobility not only for Pilates but to help every day tasks?

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We use our hands more than any other part of the body to perform our daily tasks. Every time we open a door, write, drive, turn the lid off a bottle, brush our teeth, play sports, we rely on the dexterity of our hands & fingers and the strength of our wrists and forearms. The strength and mobility of our hands and forearms are essential for squeezing, holding, grabbing, pulling, pushing and twisting.

Not only is great hand and forearm function crucial for everyday living, there is a positive correlation between grip strength and our overall health. Studies have shown a significant relationship between a decrease in grip strength and an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, higher blood pressure and diabetes. Weak grip strength has also been proved to be an indicator of overall shoulder health.

The Pilates Hand

What you will learn:

• Anatomy & physiology of the hand, wrist & lower arm

• Specific exercises created by Joseph Pilates to improve strength and mobility of the hand and wrist

• How to enhance your classes by adding hand and wrist focus to the Mat exercises.

• Use small props to bring additional strength, alignment and mobility to the hand & wrist

• Understand the most common hand and wrist issues and injuries and how to help these conditions.

Dates & cost

You need to be a qualified Pilates teacher to attend.

This 3 hour workshop is available for 30 days from date of purchase

Cost: £80 (incl VAT)

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Why should you do CPD?

Our courses and workshops are research based and internationally recognised and credited CPD courses.
Ongoing learning and development will enable you to:

• Keep up-to-date with the latest research and approaches

• Apply your learning in 1-1 and group settings

• Promote your ongoing learning and expertise in your Marketing, to retain and gain clients.

For more information please contact or telephone 07812076919

“100% recommend Jo’s training workshops to everyone! They are informative, easy to follow and most of all interesting and fun. I can’t wait to put what I’ve leaned into practice’”

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