Physical wellbeing, mental calm & spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors – Joseph Pilates

Our Peace blend has been uniquely created to help alleviate anxiety, reduce fatigue and bring an overwhelming sense of calm.

Wonderfully energising Silver Fir, warm, vanilla undertones of Benzoin and lightly spiced Clove Bud combine to celebrate, cherish and bring gratitude.

Silver Fir – Abies alba
Clove Bud – Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr.
Benzoin – Styrax benzoin
Sweet Orange – Citrus sinensis

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How to use

Use between 3-5 drops in your chosen diffuser depending on the size of the room.
Alternatively add a drop of the blend to a tissue and inhale.
To maximise the benefits of the aroma blends and to keep your diffuser functioning optimally, empty it each day, rinse and wipe dry.
Up to 30 uses (based in 4-5 drops per use)
100% natural ingredients

Our Aroma Blends are expertly created by The Well School exclusively for JPilates.

When I first thought of creating the JPilates Aroma Blend range for Pilates studios, there was only one person I knew who would understand, develop and share my enthusiasm and passion!

The Well Retreat & The Well School are founded by Caren who I first met when she trained with me to be a Pilates teacher. The Well School offers a fully comprehensive aromatherapy course, and also focuses on the therapist’s well-being and an ongoing programme of professional development courses.

Caren’s expertise and experience in aromatherapy has brought to life the blends, and created products using the highest quality of ingredients.