Pilates Teachers- You NEED this!

Being a Pilates teacher is THE best job in the world! Helping people to move with more confidence, to achieve sporting goals, to manage back pain, to feel epic- the rewards we gain from our jobs are endless! The one thing that may not be quite so inspiring is doing the admin- booking people in for classes, recording cancellations, chasing payments and so on… It’s enough to keep you awake at night! It can be so time consuming when all we really want to do is teach!

So imagine an online booking system that is user-friendly and easy to navigate for both teachers and clients, that is affordable and prices are not suddenly hiked up and that cater for small business owners as well as larger studios. Enter onto the stage Gymcatch! I met Ollie who is the CEO and founder of Gymcatch and he explained how Gymcatch is the answer to all your admin nightmares!!!


What’s Gymcatch?

Gymcatch is a great value booking and customer management system. We provide software on web, iOS and Android booking for instructors to automate their time consuming and costly admin, as well as reduce cancellations and lost revenue with automated tools.

What sets Gymcatch apart?

We want to redefine the software/instructor relationship. For too long powerful software for fitness professionals has been expensive or not fit-for-purpose. We’re here to change that, offering a great value alternative with features that are built from the ground-up for instructors.

What pricing models do you support?

Gymcatch can support pay-as-you-go, package bundles (e.g. 10 class credits for £X), time limited passes and Course/block bookings. The system also has introductory support for memberships, with the full memberships offering a GoCardless integration coming soon.

If a teacher sells classes in blocks, in line with school terms, can Gymcatch cater for this?

Yes, Gymcatch’s Course product has been designed specifically with this in mind. With Courses you can sell a block upfront, but also decide to open up classes within the block for drop-in bookings at set times before their start times. This enables you to maximise revenue if you don’t fill all the spaces up front.

The drop-in feature also works with our auto-credit back facility, so you can set up a cancellation policy that credits back a class credit if they cancel a booking in line with your policy. This credit can then be used to book into classes that have space and are open for drop-ins, finally enabling you to automate the intra-block class swap requests!

Can a teacher build a customer profile and track waivers on Gymcatch?

Yes, you can set what required contact information and waivers are accepted at their first booking, and these will be represented if you change requirements. All information is saved to their profile and your customers can always see a record of what they’ve provided too.

Is there a way to see customer notes on attendee lists?

Yes, you can export the customer record for each attendee from the Attending List to ensure you can check for any issues or important notes before each class.

If a teacher works with other instructors can they use it too?

Yes, Gymcatch has fully customisable Team permissions, so you can add an unlimited number of Team members at no extra cost and only give them just the level of access that you want.

Is it easy for clients to use?

Yes, online and mobile app options ensure that customers can book in the way that’s easiest for them, and it’s all super intuitive. We also have demo explainer videos for anyone that’s not comfortable with technology too.

Can teachers still take payments offline? A number of customers may be reluctant to embrace technology.

Yes, absolutely. You can add customers or placeholders for offline bookings.

Is it expensive?

No, we’re very deliberately the best value system on the market. Everyone gets 3 months free, and prices start at just £10 per month. We don’t scale our charges based on number of bookings or number of customers and we don’t take a percentage of payments. The only additional costs are our payment processor, Stripe’s, charges, which are amongst the very best value in the market. If you use the code JPilates at registration you’ll also get a further 25% off your first paid 12 months too!

Click here for see for yourself how fantastic Gymcatch is! Remember to use the code JPilates on registration!

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