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World Gratitude Day – Pilates for Everybody

Joseph Pilates recipe for happiness was a “…body developed with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily & satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure” His Method continues to bring so many positive influences and benefits to our world in the form of injury rehabilitation, pain management, charitable… Read more »

Classical Pilates or Contemporary Pilates? What do they mean?

Authentic Pilates? Classical Pilates ? Clinical Pilates??? With so many styles of Pilates it can be hard to know what the different descriptions mean. These are my personal distinctions of the definitions: Archival /ɑːˈkʌɪv(ə)l/ adjective relating to or constituting archives.”the club maintains an archival research library” (of a material such as paper) of suitable quality… Read more »

The JPilates Mat Graduates- Where are they now?

When you qualify as a Pilates teacher with JPilates, there is a whole Pilates community waiting for you! The extensive support does not stop when you qualify but is available whenever you need questions answered, some advice or a sounding board for ideas. I recently caught up with some of the Mat 20/21 graduates and… Read more »

The Pilates Elders

As Pilates teachers we know that the stronger the foundation, the greater the movement potential. We teach to ground through the feet, legs, arms and shoulders in order to lift, lengthen and elongate. The essence of many of the exercises requires stability of one body part against the mobility of another and success is found… Read more »

Ready, Steady, Go……….Teach Your First Pilates Class!

To all the fabulous JPilates Mat graduates and any one else who is starting up their Pilates business, Now that you have passed your exams with flying colours, it’s time put put all that knowledge and hard work not practise and start your classes and sessions! Even though we had our Business & Marketing session,… Read more »

How Safe Are Your Pilates Classes?

I originally wrote this blog for a Pilates Reformer studio to be given out to their instructors. The points raised though are fundamental for safety in all Pilates classes and indeed any exercise environment, just replace the word Reformer with any piece of equipment! Participating in any exercise programme carries a risk of injury, (in… Read more »

Pilates Teachers- You NEED this!

Being a Pilates teacher is THE best job in the world! Helping people to move with more confidence, to achieve sporting goals, to manage back pain, to feel epic- the rewards we gain from our jobs are endless! The one thing that may not be quite so inspiring is doing the admin- booking people in… Read more »


Pilates is so, so much more than just a bunch of amazing exercises to lengthen, stretch and strengthen the body! Joseph Pilates created a Method, a code for living a better life, to revitalise, reenergise, renew and rejoice in our physical, mental and spiritual selves. “Physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of  uniformly developed… Read more »

JPilates Retreat in Tarifa, Spain

As I look out at the rain this morning, I find myself wishing I was back on last week’s JPilates retreat in Tarifa. It was simply the most wonderful experience to spend time with Pilates teachers in such a stunning environment. I loved seeing everyone relax and de-stress, chat and share experiences with each other,… Read more »