Ready, Steady, Go……….Teach Your First Pilates Class!

To all the fabulous JPilates Mat graduates and any one else who is starting up their Pilates business,

Now that you have passed your exams with flying colours, it’s time put put all that knowledge and hard work not practise and start your classes and sessions! Even though we had our Business & Marketing session, I thought I would do a short checklist of all the recent questions you have been asking.

How much should I charge for classes and privates?

Such a common question and one that we never stop asking! It can be especially tricky when you first start out. Firstly, NEVER undervalue yourself because you have not had much experience of teaching.

You have had the best training in the world, of course I would say that! You have been living and breathing Pilates for the past 6 months of training, you have the most up to date research and understanding of movement practise and you have been experiencing Pilates in your personal practise for many years. It all adds up to an excellent standard of teaching!

My advise would be to match the average price of sessions in your area and be warned! No one values cheap in this industry in my opinion!

What forms do I need?

Health Questionnaire

For your own independent sessions, i.e. not a health club or gym, you will need each participant to complete a Health Questionnaire ( you can find them in the Important Docs in the JPilates Associates Area) and if any issues are flagged up you may need them to get medical consent. I would recommend using an online form such a Google forms as these can be sent out prior to the session with a lovely welcome email and it will allow you to judge if any further information is needed. If it’s a health club you will need to verbally screen as they should take care of the written health questionnaires.

Terms & Conditions

Oh so important! Being clear and precise on your T&Cs can save a lot of misunderstanding and potential issues! I would add them to the Health Questionnaire so that the participants signs them to show agreement and understanding.

Included could be your cancellation policy, if they are late to a session, payment terms and any other studio rules. For example, I don’t allow zips on clothing as they can tear the equipment upholstery.

What do I teach?

So it’s your first class and you have no idea really of  the ability and experience of the class. Even those who say they have done Pilates, may have done a very different style to what you teach!

Here are a few tips that may help you plan (you know I love a plan!)

  1. Start them lying on their back- everyone relaxes when they lie down! So if anyone is a bit anxious, this will help them calm those nerves and be more receptive. It also means you do not have a sea of faces looking at you to settle the butterflies!🦋

  2. Get them moving! Everyone is here to move! Not to listen to a lecture on the benefits of Pilates or an explanation of what they are going to do……(yawn!)

  3. The ultimate goal is to help them feel EPIC! You want them to commit to a long term practise with you so never forget it’s really not what you teach but how you teach!

  4. The exercises- choose exercises that have that “feel good feeling”, which you love teaching, then make sure you have a balance through the whole body. Be prepared to adjust the intensity for individual ability.

    Finally and most importantly BE YOU!

People buy you! They buy into how you make them feel and the environment you create. Perfect technique and movement come with time and practise, not by nitpicking every second of each movement or by being so intense and strict.

Celebrate whatever movement they come with, laugh and enjoy every second.


Overall, Just Be Yourself!

Good luck to everyone and please message me with any comments or questions!

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