The JPilates Mat Graduates- Where are they now?

When you qualify as a Pilates teacher with JPilates, there is a whole Pilates community waiting for you! The extensive support does not stop when you qualify but is available whenever you need questions answered, some advice or a sounding board for ideas.
I recently caught up with some of the Mat 20/21 graduates and I wanted to share their journey and successes.

Louise Jenkins, owner of LJ Pilates
Having qualified as a mat instructor in June 2021 with JPilates, I took the summer to decide where I wanted to begin my teaching career. I decided to start small to build my confidence and practice my teaching skills. I offered 2 classes starting in the September and hoped to get 6 people in each class. To my surprise, I quickly filled these and had to add another class. I run my classes in blocks of 5 weeks and soon realised I needed to offer more spaces on each class.

The next block of session were moved to a larger venue and I increased numbers to 9 and increased the number of classes to 4. In November 2021, I competed the Barre training course with JPilates and was very excited to add this to my timetable in January. I include lots of pilates elements within this too and it is so much fun! I feel so lucky to be offering 5 classes a week, the mat classes with a waiting list!! I also have a few 1-1 clients who are progressing so well, each with different needs and working so hard each week!

I have a wide ranging client base, my classes are open to all abilities and I like to break the moves down and then build them up over the 5 week block, adding in different focus areas/small pieces of equipment to keep it fun, engaging and accessible to all! I often say to my clients ‘practice & persistence pays off’ and those that have been with me since my first class are now reaping the benefits of their commitment!!

There was no easy route/short cut, training with Jo was full on, there was so much information to take in and I was so nervous getting up to do my assessment. However, the support was there every step of the way and one of the first things Jo said to us was ‘trust me’ and I had that ringing in my ears (Still do!) The foundations learnt with her over those 6 months have been exactly the building blocks needed to build my business, not just the understanding of the moves but how to plan the sessions, deal with people and the day to day running of the business. I have also made some friends for life and we help & support each other almost on a daily basis!

I have just completed Jo’s Wunda Chair training and have invested in a Wunda Chair and am very excited to start offering sessions to clients from September, once I have had chance to learn the ropes (or springs!!) myself! I can see all of my clients benefiting from this piece of equipment – who doesn’t need to strengthen all parts of the body!! The reformer is popular piece of equipment but with no space for one yet I really want people to see the benefits available from the amazing Wunda Chair! I do intend to train on a piece of equipment each year with Jo and slowly build up to owning my own studio.

Finally, I am a JPilates Associate – a yearly membership offered by Jo to stay up to date with the changing industry, offer time for instructor personal practice and guidance on all sorts of other pilates related news! I feel part of a wider pilates community and Jo is always so forthcoming with help/advice. I am booked on to her retreat next year and I cannot wait to immerse myself in a week of Pilates bliss!!

I have to pinch myself on an almost daily basis that I get to do this as a job! I love sharing all the little nuggets of information with clients and seeing their lightbulb moments when things just click into place!! All thanks to that first google search and stumbling upon the wonderful JPilates!!
You can follow Louise on Instagram: @breathe.align.move


Nicola Hughes, owner of Lotus Pilates Hertfordshire

I started teaching the week after my assessment, jumping in with both feet and I haven’t looked back since. I am now teaching 4 classes a week and offer an online option for my clients too.  I love being a Pilates Instructor and I never have a bad day.

With Jo’s guidance I was able to launch a website and ensure all of the business side of things were covered, this was so much more than I was expecting from my course. My classes are small so that I can concentrate on technique and use the excellent knowledge that JPilates offer through their training to benefit all. I truly believe that my client retention, (which is phenomenal) is down to skills and knowledge I obtained whilst taking part in JPilates Mat training and ongoing training courses.

I attended reformer last year and again jumped straight into teaching and cover regularly for studios near me and always receive such lovely feedback and have plans to get my very own teaching slot soon. I am still overwhelmed with how much wiser I am after a day with Jo, even after what feels like a day of fun in such a relaxing environment! I plan to take part in more courses and workshop and don’t really see me without JPilates by my side, and hopefully escape on a JPilates Retreat.

The Associate’s page is my “go-to”, whether its for some teaching advice or a great workout for my own practice. Jo is so unbelievably supportive, and I know I can reach out for support at any time.  I am so glad I chose JPilates for my Mat Training, Jo continues to share the gems of knowledge she has learned from her own constant research and development.
You can follow Nicola on Instagram: @lotus_pilates _hertfordhsire


Alicia Morgan
I am currently working as a Mat and Reformer teacher in East London. I train group and private clients, mainly who want to improve mobility and strength, Anti Natal clients and injury.

Jo taught me my Mat qualification first before advancing my knowledge with my Pre and Post Natal certificate, then moving onto the Essential Reformer course. Jo’s teaching is thorough and her knowledge and passion for Pilates is still one of the reasons I love teaching today.
She is amazing!

My Pilates knowledge increased which allows me to work with a number of different client needs on the mat, with props and on the reformer.

I really enjoy a mix of classes, classical and contemporary. In London I’m seeing different concepts, how music can guide the class, some more fitness based. My teaching passion is always based on the flow of class and how it can be layers with props.
You can follow Alicia on Instagram: @aliciamorgan

Our next Mat Diploma course begins in September 2023. If you are interested in becoming a Pilates teacher contact me at

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