World Gratitude Day – Pilates for Everybody

Joseph Pilates recipe for happiness was a

“…body developed with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily & satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure”

His Method continues to bring so many positive influences and benefits to our world in the form of injury rehabilitation, pain management, charitable support, community spirit, disease treatment as well as creating resilient, healthy bodies & minds.

Pilates is so much more than a series of exercises for a six pack! It is not about chasing an elusive dream of perceived physical perfection but rather celebrating how your body feels and moves in that moment and what it can achieve within your capabilities.

It is about sensation not performance. With practise and persistence we gain the harmonious coordination of mind and body, achieving a sense of ease, fluidity and efficiency in movement which elevates the spirit and brings such a wonderful feeling of well being. Who cares if it looks perfect when you feel this EPIC???

This incredible gift is for EVERYBODY! It gives us the space to be unique, to enhance our individuality, to perform the exercises and discover the best in our bodies and minds. It has a vast scope of adaptability and accessibility that holds no barrier to anyone regardless of age, gender, race, ability, shape or size. Pilates is for Everybody!

I feel such immense gratitude to Joseph Pilates for dedicating his life to developing a Method which brings so much happiness to so many. So on World Gratitude Day I say thank you!

P.S. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you many exciting spotlights and highlights, I can’t wait- so stay tuned!

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