JPilates Retreat in Tarifa, Spain

Studio Tarifa

As I look out at the rain this morning, I find myself wishing I was back on last week’s JPilates retreat in Tarifa. It was simply the most wonderful experience to spend time with Pilates teachers in such a stunning environment.

I loved seeing everyone relax and de-stress, chat and share experiences with each other, ask any questions anytime. All in the knowledge that we had a week to simply focus on ourselves without all the “extras” that our lives bring.

The villa itself was so beautiful, situated in a nature reserve just 10 minutes walk to an unspoilt beach. The views and the grounds were breath-taking and to be able to teach outdoors, either in the gardens or by the pool, accompanied by birds was incredible.

We were completely spoilt by the wonderful staff at the villa. The food prepared by the two chefs was absolutely wonderful using locally sourced produce and the wine was of course, free-flowing!

JPilates Retreat Tarifa

It was such a pleasure to teach 18 classes over the week. We always began with a version of the 34 Mat repertoire-the perfect way to start the day. This was followed by a small equipment class. After lunch we gathered around the pool for a masterclass in correction techniques or session planning. The day finished with a sunset class in the gardens. Bliss!

Above all, the one thing I absolutely loved was to see everyone fall in love again with doing Pilates simply for the joy of their own movement. So often we feel we need to do things perfectly, or we lack time for our own practise, but over the week the progress everyone made was astonishing. I completely felt the over-whelming love of the Method and I know everyone else did too.

So…. next up Tarifa in September! I can’t wait!!



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