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Pilates & Children

“In childhood, habits are easily formed-good and bad. Why not concentrate on the formation of only good habits and thus avoid the necessity later on in life of attempting to correct bad habits…the proper development of body and mind, through the new science of “Contrology” is what must [be taught to]* the child”  Joseph Pilates … Read more »

JPilates Retreat in Tarifa, Spain

As I look out at the rain this morning, I find myself wishing I was back on last week’s JPilates retreat in Tarifa. It was simply the most wonderful experience to spend time with Pilates teachers in such a stunning environment. I loved seeing everyone relax and de-stress, chat and share experiences with each other,… Read more »

Pilates and Stroke Survivors-An Inspiration

The ability of Pilates to completely change and improve someone’s quality of life never ceases to amaze me. It is a true testament to the life-long dedication that Joe Pilates gave to his method that it can improve and enhance the ability to move and function regardless of limitations. In my job as a Pilates… Read more »

Be a little more serious and a lot less solemn!

This week I found myself flicking through a gardening magazine in a waiting room, (not my usual reading material but there was not much else on offer!) and I came across an article which really struck a chord with me and my thoughts on some aspects of the Pilates industry. The writer, Monty Don, was… Read more »