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The Lost Art of Hands On Teaching

As Pilates teachers we have honed, perfected and excelled in our use of language to express our intentions and communicate. We may use visual demonstrations as another tool to enhance a participant’s understanding of an exercise, but what about the power of targeted tactile cueing to provide invaluable feedback and sensory input? To further clarify,… Read more »

The Pilates Retreat- 4 reasons why it’s a ‘Must Do”!

It is just over a month before our next Pilates Retreat in Tarifa, Spain and I am already dreaming of our Pilates heaven. Joining me on a Pilates Retreat is a unique experience to deepen your knowledge, insight and understanding of Pilates both on a professional and a personal level. It is the ideal opportunity… Read more »

Teacher Spotlight- Sarah Gorman, creator of Blendfit

Sarah Gorman is a fitness and wellness educator who has been working within the fitness industry for the past 20 years. She is a personal trainer, class instructor, fitness educator and presenter with a social media presence to influence and guide people on their fitness journey. Her background in dance and acting led to her… Read more »

Neutral Spine-Is it important & has it any value?

“Find your neutral spine” “Am I in neutral? ” “Keep your pelvis in neutral” are all often heard in a Pilates class but what does it actually mean, is it important and does it have any value? (Just a quick note from the start to say that I don’t use the term “neutral” as I… Read more »

Don’t say the C word!!

A long time ago (around 1996) in a galaxy far, far away……. the Core was born! Emerging from studies which demonstrated a change in onset timing of trunk muscles in persistent back pain and back injury, a whole industry based on the importance of core stability and training was brought to life. Pilates was one… Read more »

Why Am I (Still) In Pain? And what can Pilates really do?

This is a question we are so often asked as Pilates teachers. Many people come to Pilates looking for a solution to long term pain- sometimes even unrealistically promised that Pilates will solve their pain.  I say unrealistic as we can’t promise to even reduce pain as pain is complicated, no-one fully understands how pain… Read more »

The Joy of Teaching Older Adults

“We retire too early and we die too young, our prime of life should be in the 70s and old age should not come until we are almost 100” Inspirational words by Joseph Pilates, who thoroughly lived and breathed his Method, remaining strong and vigorous well into his 80s. As people are living longer than… Read more »

Teacher Spotlight- Lisa Sullivan, owner of Designed Pilates

Lisa is the owner of Designed Pilates and teaches group and 1-1 classes in her local area close to Cambridge.  Lisa is a keen runner who found Pilates during the pandemic, and qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates with JPilates. Ongoing CPD education has continued with JPilates which includes: Pilates for Pain… Read more »

Imposter Syndrome

Recently, we surveyed many Pilates teachers asking about their fears and concerns of being a Pilates teacher. 80% said they suffered from Imposter Syndrome, doubting themselves and feeling like a fraud. On delving deeper, this belief appears to arise from several sources. Insecurities- of feeling they do not have enough knowledge and experience, of being… Read more »