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A Review of Osteoporosis Guidelines

I am always asked so many questions about osteoporosis and Pilates. This VNO discusses the most recent guidelines from the Royal Osteoporosis Society so we can help our clients without creating a fear based environment.

The Pilates Detective Returns!
And we are back with another set of mysteries for our Pilates Detective to solve!

Homework for sports people
What movement snacks can we give to our sporting clients?


Ask Jo- Answering everything and anything Pilates!


Professional Development – Working with the larger client-
Being more inclusive, language to use, physical considerations and more are discussed in this VNO.


Professional Development – To demo or not to demo? This session considers the benefits and drawbacks of demonstrating during teaching and other teaching skills


Professional Development- Class Planning- As part of our series on Professional Development, this session on Class Planning will hopefully give you some structure, save time and inspire your sessions!


The Pilates Detective is back!
Join us to look into the Roll Over and discuss which exercises teach the required strength and technique. Also we discussed the Roll Up, Teaser on Tower and Monkey.


The Order of Reformer
Welcome to the JPilates Studio my lovely studio clients! As you walk around and view the pictures on the walls, I know that you are being drawn some amazing prints of Joe Pilates and his Reformer exercises. These prints are from calendars created and owned by Sean Gallagher. They are available to buy at:
As we discuss the classical order of Reformer, we will be reflecting on the differences between the photos on the wall. The discussion is in two parts.
Please note this is not a workshop or training but rather an informal chat as we admire these wonderful pieces of Pilates history.


I Spy With My Little Eye….Returns!
Back by popular demand, a March Matness Special!


The Pilates Detective Part 2
Another chance to ask anything! Should you bend the knees in roll down? How to help when knees pull in shoulder bridge and more…..

The Pilates Detective Part 1
Here is your chance to ask about any exercises! Why are some exercises so hard, what can we do to help people achieve the movements, what is the secret behind the Roll Over? All will be revealed……!


Understanding Joe’s Order in Return to Life Part 1 & 2– Why is the order in Return to Life Through Contrology important and what are the original intentions behind it?


Teaching the Beginner
In the first session with a client, what should we tell them and what movements should we do?

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