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Anatomy & Physiology

Hernias: Types, Symptoms, Causes & how Pilates can help

Here we look at what hernias are, the different types and how we can help manage them.


Isometric Contractions, Blood Pressure & Pilates

This VNO focuses on the recent research showing how isometric contractions can help lower blood pressure. We discuss how’s and whys and the protocols and methods used. Go to Teacher Classes to see a Mat and Reformer class incorporating these exercises.


Teaching Neutral Spine- does it have any value?

Here we explore the origins of neutral spine, understand how the neutral zone has become twisted into a place of rigidity and how to make sure we encourage dynamic stability. This is accompanied by a mat and a reform class to further explore how to implement this in your sessions.


The Visual System- Pilat-EYES!


The Vestibular System- Your Posture Superpower!


A Review of Osteoporosis Guidelines

I am always asked so many questions about osteoporosis and Pilates. This VNO discusses the most recent guidelines from the Royal Osteoporosis Society so we can help our clients without creating a fear based environment.

The Art of Stretching- Should we do it? How should we do it?
Well, this one was an eye-opener! Please read the fantastically comprehensive research review after listening and ask any questions. Remember though you can stretch just to feel good… but that’s about the only reason to!
Click here for the research review


Pilates & Scoliosis
I always find that my brain goes into a little bit of a spin when I work with scoliosis! Hopefully these strategies will help you!



A DISCussion about Discs!
For some reason the word DISCs strikes fear into the hearts of the most experienced teacher. Here we discuss just exactly what discs are and that they DO NOT slip!!!


Pilates & The Menopause
A hot topic! (No pun intended!)


Diastasis Recti-A Review
Diastasis Recti is not just a pregnancy thing- men, non-pregnant women and children can have it. Here we look at the causes and discuss how it is a symptom of how the whole body has been moving for your whole life!

Sticks and stones may break my bones and words CAN hurt me!
Here we will look at how words CAN hurt you! We will discuss how our language has a huge effect on our clients and their movement and how we can use more fearless language to help empower and positively change our client’s perception.


Pilates & Osteoporosis –
Listen back to this webinar as we discuss the differences between osteopenia and osteoporosis and how we can help to enhance bone health in our Pilates classes. Plus we answer the burning question- should we teach loaded forward flexion?


Does Fascia matter in Pilates?-
Fascia is fascinating but does it really matter in Pilates? Can we really change fascia though manual therapy using balls, rollers and so on? Watch back as we explore the scientific research surrounding fascia.

The Shoulders- Listen & look back as we go in-depth with the muscles and bones of the shoulder girdle and how it is designed to move during basic movements and Pilates exercises.

Hyper mobility Syndrome
There are so many different aspects to consider with this condition not such a very bendy client!


The Sacroiliac Joints
Here we discuss the anatomy and function of the SIJ. We explore how to spot dysfunction and ways of addressing it.


Pathways to Posture
One of the main benefits of practising Pilates is improved posture but what is posture? What are the main imbalances and restrictions we see in our clients and how can we target these in our classes

Demystifying the Pelvic Floor
Here we discuss the function and anatomy of the Pelvic Floor and how, why and what we should cue for our client’s movement.

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