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The Electric Chair Wunda

Whether you have an electric chair, Wunda Chair or combo chair this class explores some of the basic Electric Chair exercises- your feet are going to love it!


Tower Play

Nothing beats a bit of Tower to make you feel happy!


Wunda Chair Play

This fun and creative Wunda Chair class will certainly shake things up!

High Mat- An Intro
With many of you now buying the amazing High Mats from, this class is a great intro on just how much the mats can increase the range and movement opportunities of the Mat repertoire- there will be more to come!


Wunda Chair & Magic Circle
A match made in heaven! This is intense!


Wunda Chair- From the Floor
This class is created to help clients become fearless when working on the Wunda Chair by working mainly from the floor before taking it to the top of the Chair.


Studio Sleigh Ride
This class is a circuit using the Reformer, Tower, Chair & Barrel


Spine Corrector- Whole body fun!
Everyone loves a bit of spine corrector! It always feels so good!


20 Minute Tower
This 20 minute class shares a few different variations to spice up your tower!


Small Barrel Play!
In celebration of the launch of, makers of beautiful hand crafted Pilates equipment, this small barrel class can also be done on a spine corrector. Watch out for the Horseback variation- I felt it for days after!!!


Chair Mix Up
Another Chair class for you! A touch of Brooke Siler’s Wunda Mat to spice things up! Nothing beats the Chair to bring strength and power to your workout.


The Chair – A bit of everything!
This Chair class takes you through a bit of everything! Arm Frogs, Twists, One Arm Press and more…


Tower – The Springs
This Tower class uses mainly the arm & leg springs to really incorporate the upper body into the exercises. There is a definite shake towards the end!


Spine Corrector & Magic Circle.
A match made in heaven or hell! I am still not sure! I felt this 2 days later so it definitely leaves an impression! Please remember that each make of Spine Corrector can be different so you may need to make small adjustments for yours.


Tremendous Tower
A well- balanced Tower class, including the roll down bar, push thru’ bar and the leg springs




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