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Teacher Classes - Small Equipment

Small Equipment Polar Express
Take a trip on the Polar Express with a band, mini ball, circle & weights.


Using the mini ball in between the side of the big tow knuckles can really help to align the legs and connect to the inner thigh. Great ready for some wobbles and lots of giggles in this one!


The Epic Small Equipment Circuit
This circuit uses the intervals to promote self-efficacy, self responsibility and a huge dose of EPICNESS! I know it can be messy to watch a circuit back so please ask any questions!


The Gliders-
Let’s slide & glide! If you haven’t got gliders you can try with paper plates or towels!





The Magic Circle
This class follows as closely as possible the original Circle repertoire. The breathing pattern may surprise you but remember, Joe inhaled for expansion of the body, to find space.


JPilates Barre & Gliders
Oh this was tough! But so great to be back at the Barre! I just used one glider so you do not need to buy a set for each client.


The Door Anchor
This class was part of the Convention Goodie Bag and is just too good not to share with you all! The Door Anchor provides the perfect piece of equipment to replicate many of the Reformer and Cadillac exercises on a 121 basis.


The Barrel-less Barrel
Following on from the Reformer-less Reformer, this class will explore the Barrel repertoire using a mini ball.


The Reformer-less Reformer
Reformer Exercises on the Mat- this month’s class will use the bands to replicate Reformer exercises so you can introduce them to your Mat classes.


Mini Ball Magic!
This class adds Matwork magic and brings new variations and adaptations to your Mat class using the mini ball!


Foam Roller
Challenge your spinal articulation and stability with this foam roller class. With creative ways of using the roller to add further intensity to moves such as ab prep and the stomach series, this class is fun and intense! Enjoy!


Bring on the Band!
The most well known and loved pieces of Pilates equipment! This session promises to give you many new variations and creative ways of using the band to add spice and rejuvenate your Mat Repertoire.

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