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Teacher Classes - Reformer

Isometric Contractions & Blood Pressure

Following the  VNO which explained  the recent research showing how isometric contractions can help lower blood pressure, this class demonstrates how to incorporate this into the exercises.


Building up to Breaststroke

From the twice-weekly online classes, here is a favourite! Breaststroke is a complex exercise, requiring shoulder flexion & mobility, spinal & hip extension, choreography & timing- this class breaks down the elements and builds you up to success! Thanks so much to the amazing participants!!


Understanding the neutral zone & dynamic stability in Reformer

Following the VNO on Teaching Neutral Spine- does it have any value? which you can find in the VNO recordings, this Reformer class explores how and when to teach the neutral zone and encourage dynamic stability.


Visual Reformer- Pilat-EYES!

Following on from the VNO on the Visual System, this reformer class shows how using the eyes and gaze can hugely impact our movement.


Vestibular Reformer

Following on from the VNO on the Vestibular System, this Reformer class shows you how to stimulate and keep healthy the body’s primary system of balance & your posture superpower!


Reformer- Leg Alignment

Too good to not use again the same techniques from the Mat class with the tennis ball, here we brought these deep connection to the Reformer exercises.


Arms & Bum!

I couldn’t think of a fancy name for this one so went with clear and simple! Enjoy!


Studio Sleigh Ride

This class is a circuit using the Reformer, Tower, Chair & Barrel


Reformer- NYC Tricks & Treats

A class filled with tricks and treats from my recent visit to NYC- hope you enjoy it!


Where is the Work?

This class moves between the Reformer and the Mat showing how the exercises are mirrored and how one can enhance the other, emphasising where the work is in each exercise.


Reformer- Hands to Feet-

So often the emphasis of some exercises feels all in the writs and shoulders. This class helps you to stay connected all the way to the toes!


Reformer- Legs!

This class was taught in the weekly
JPilates Studio online classes and was a love/hate type of class but oh so good for you!


Reformer Play

Oh the first class back of the New Year and it was tough and challenging but it felt so good to be back on the Reformer!


Reformer- Hold On Tight!

So often I see clients rubbing and circling their wrists after exercises such as Long Back Stretch and Long Stretch. This class looks not only at wrist alignment when the hands are on the foot bar, but also wrist strength through the exercises such as Rowing and 100. The size of the footbar does make a difference and it may take a while for you to find the perfect in between position. Please ask any questions!


Reformer Families (Shuffle!)
Finding the connections between groups of exercises really helps the flow and carries through the technique, building towards the more advanced exercises.


Reformer – Stand Up!
This whole class is a preparation for the Standing Split Series! Jelly legs make an appearance!!!


Reformer- The Arm Pit One!-
The secret to upper limb movement and alignment! If you don’t like using the word “armpit”- axilla is the correct anatomical word!


Reformer – The Preps-
This class will break down the intermediate Reformer exercises to really get to the technique focus so we can build back to the full exercise.


Saddle Up! Horseback time!
Horseback is such a challenging exercise. This class will delve into the skill, shape and focus needed to find your Horseback! (BTW- I am wearing the oddest top! I promise I am not pregnant!)









Reformer- Pure Mobility
One of the largest barriers to achieving fluidity and flow in Pilates movements is a lack of mobility. This session using the Reformer will give you ideas on how to get the shoulders, hips and spine moving with unrestricted freedom so clients can fully reap the benefits of the Method.

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