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Educational Videos

Here you will find a selection of videos to aid your teaching skills, to explore new variations of old favourites and to give you your Pilates Instructor Daily  Fix!

Tower- Short Pathway to Waterskiing!

Yes it is an exercise! Enjoy but make sure you wear slippy clothes!!

JPilates Festive Movement Gifts

Open and enjoy these 5 classes on the Mat, Tower, Reformer, Wunda Chair & Barrel, only 10 mins long they are the perfect size to squeeze in when you have a free moment. From breath to shoulder openings, hip mobility to archival rowing, lengthening to strengthening, they will help you keep moving & smiling! 









Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!

With a focus on alignment & strengthening, each of these short classes will give you a healthy boost to each area.








The 5-A-Day Series!

Join me in exploring the common threads that link and enhance 5 Mat exercises. In focusing on that thread waving through each 5, we can bring integrated understanding and deepen our technique. I will add another 5 each week.

The Extension Checklist

The Rolling Series (Back)

To complement the Equipment Technique, I thought I would record some Mat Series for you too! Here’s the first, the Rolling Series (Back). I’ve called it Back as I have not included Swan and Rocking which I class as Rolling exercises but on the front.

The Wrist Clinic

Mini Mat-tastic!

Intermediate Series

A Focus on Extension

Foam Roller Fix

Breath Focus

Mat Playtime

A Magic Circle Moment

The Summer Sparkle Series!

Tilts into…?

Rolling into…..???!

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