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Educational Videos

Here you will find a selection of videos to aid your teaching skills, to explore new variations of old favourites and to give you your Pilates Instructor Daily  Fix!

JPilates Festive Movement Gifts

Open and enjoy these 5 classes on the Mat, Tower, Reformer, Wunda Chair & Barrel, only 10 mins long they are the perfect size to squeeze in when you have a free moment. From breath to shoulder openings, hip mobility to archival rowing, lengthening to strengthening, they will help you keep moving & smiling! 









Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!

With a focus on alignment & strengthening, each of these short classes will give you a healthy boost to each area.








The 5-A-Day Series!

Join me in exploring the common threads that link and enhance 5 Mat exercises. In focusing on that thread waving through each 5, we can bring integrated understanding and deepen our technique. I will add another 5 each week.

The Extension Checklist

The Rolling Series (Back)

To complement the Equipment Technique, I thought I would record some Mat Series for you too! Here’s the first, the Rolling Series (Back). I’ve called it Back as I have not included Swan and Rocking which I class as Rolling exercises but on the front.

The Wrist Clinic

Mini Mat-tastic!

Intermediate Series

A Focus on Extension

Foam Roller Fix

Breath Focus

Mat Playtime

A Magic Circle Moment

The Summer Sparkle Series!

Tilts into…?

Rolling into…..???!

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