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Especially for December your JPilates Festive parcel is here!

The JPilates Festive Quiz

Click here to download the JPilates Festive Quiz  to play with your Pilates friends. With musical and picture board sections and including questions such as “How did Joseph Pilates woo Clara?” I hope you really enjoy it!

Movement gifts

Open and enjoy these 5 classes on the Mat, Tower, Reformer, Wunda Chair & Barrel, only 10 mins long they are the perfect size to squeeze in when you have a free moment. From breath to shoulder openings, hip mobility to archival rowing, lengthening to strengthening, they will help you keep moving & smiling! Go to the Educational Videos section to find them.

The JPilates Cocktails

Let’s get the party started! Browse the menu and choose your cocktail! Click on each image to enlarge.

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