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Class Plans - Small Equipment

Magic Circle Magic!

I just love a Pilates Circle! It gives the most fantastic connection. I taught this class in the JPilates Studio virtual classes and I want to share it with you all.


The Simplest Circuit Class to Teach Ever!

Sometimes we can be put off teaching Pilates circuits as we wonder how we will be able to cue different exercises at different times. This class plan and audio shows you exactly how! Using small equipment for added fun and challenge this class plan will show you have to deliver an effective Pilates circuit suitable for all.


The 34 Circuit Class with Small equipment & Barre Intervals!

This month’s Instructor Only Class was a circuit class of the 34 Mat Repertoire using small equipment to really focus on achieving the two-way stretch. With Barre intervals in between each station, this one was challenging! Circuit cards and Barre choreography is available


Studio Equipment Circuit Cards-Technique Focus

These circuit cards are for a studio equipment class with a slightly different twist to help focus on technique in this slightly more challenging environment


Weighted Balls

A relatively recent addition to the small equipment range, the soft weighted balls are an excellent prop to improve strength, balance and mobility. This session first appeared at the JPilates Convention 2013 and gives you so many ideas and adaptions to use.


Circuit Cards for the Older Adult

This circuit class is specifically designed with the Older Adult in mind and uses various pieces of small equipment to create variety and functional movement.


Rock & Roller!- A Foam Roller Class Plan

Foam rollers are a wonderful prop to use in your classes as not just for the dreaded ITB band stretch- and you all know how I feel about that! This plan challenges the client’s ability to stabilise, improves flexibility by adding spinal extension aspects and improves functional ability.

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