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Reformer-Pathway to One Leg Tendon Stretch

One of the trickiest exercises known to man! Hopefully this class breaks down the elements to bring success! Remember to bounce!

 Reformer- Find the Key!

This class reinforces the shoulder positions in many of the exercises to help find the correct place to work from with arm springs.


Reformer- Whose Side are You On?

Another class from the JPilates Studio virtual classes, this one really looks to highlight the imbalances from left to right.


Dynamic, Intermediate Reformer & Audio

This dynamic, intermediate class plan uses the circle to create hip stability and strength work.


The Essential Order of Reformer & Audio

This hour long class is the original order of Reformer at Essential Level with modified transitions.


Pre-Natal Reformer

This class explores suitable adaptations and modifications whilst focusing on the specific needs of the pre-natal client and ensuring a balanced and functional class.


Interval jump Board Class Plan

For all you Reformer teachers, here is a plan for a jump board interval class! If I teach jump board I tend to incorporate it into the whole class rather than a burst at the end which many clients tell me they dread and hate! Here I have kept the springs light, I love to use a single red as I find it gives a much stronger abdominal workout and more time to complete a light, quality jump. Even if you do not have a board, with care you can jump using the footbar and head lifted. Enjoy!


The Wonder of the Wunda Chair!

With determination and perseverance this once dreaded piece of Studio Equipment is now a firm personal favourite! This session plan is a well balanced class, emphasising technique and alignment whilst targeting lower body strength.


Studio Equipment Circuit Cards-Technique Focus

These circuit cards are for a studio equipment class with a slightly different twist to help focus on technique in this slightly more challenging environment

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Class Plans

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