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Class plans - Mat

Mat Blast- C Curve

A 30 mins C-Curve blast!

Bone Heathy Mat Exercises & Options

Make sure you listen to the VNO June 2023 to accompany this plan

Don’t Be A Mothertucker


Back To School- Let’s Re-connect


Pathway to Teaser


Pathway to Double Kick


Mat – Extension Love!

This class explains how to build your clients to the High Bridge and how to understand where extension should be felt and when. I hope this brings the love to the extension exercises!


The Cross-Over

This Mat class could be a game-changer! Crossing the legs can give several different focuses. It can add in a much needed inner thigh connection, encourage hip external rotation during hip flexion exercises such as Roll Over and can bring alignment to exercises like the Swan.


Now You See It-Now You Don’t!

The Mat class was a favourite in the JPilates Studio with several light bulb moments! Using a mini-ball as a prop for several reps then taking it away really helped find the technique!


Into the Hips

This Mat class looks at deepening the connection between the legs and the torso, creating a strong sense of how to draw the weight of the legs into the centre.


The Preps

The start of the class is an amazing opportunity to prep the movements and techniques you want to cover and develop. This series of preps gives you a variety of non-Pilates exercises to really enhance the rest of your session with a range of different positions.

Kneeling Up




The Main Phase Bundle & Audios!

I have a treat for you- a Main Phase Bundle! After working with the latest Mat group to create various themed main phases, I thought I would share the with you all. They include plans for Hip Extension, Spinal Shapes and Upper Body Strength, as well as plans for Successful Teasers, Saw and Crab. There are audio explanations for all the plans. Simply add on a prep and closing and you have 6 new and inspiring classes!

Crab Success


Hip Extension


Upper Body Strength


Saw Success


Spinal Shapes


Pilates & Diastasis Recti & Audio

This plan focuses on restoring the relationship between the diaphragm and the abdominal wall. It encourages the full range of motion of the diaphragm following the restriction caused by the growing baby pressing upwards during pregnancy. It helps the client to address the postural imbalances adopted during pregnancy.


Pilates for Men & Audio

This class plan is designed with male clients in mind but can be beneficial for any client that struggles with the level of flexibility required to perform many of the Mat exercises.


Bone Healthy & Audio

Often when a client tells us they have osteoporosis or osteopenia our immediate reaction can be to consider exercises they can’t do instead of how to promote bone health within the repertoire. This class is designed to enhance bone health and safety as well as offering alternatives for those who need to avoid loaded flexion.


One Leg Kick Plan for Success & Audio

Following on the theme of Posture, this class plan is designed to help your clients achieve the strength, mobility and alignment for the One Leg Kick. It is accompanied by an audio recording explaining the intention, the specific cues, the variations and the watchpoints of the exercises.


Keep the Trinity Strong!

The Trinity in Pilates refers to the inner thighs, back of the hips and the abdominals and keeping them connected gives us an amazing column of strength in which to move from. The problem is that due to our postural habits we tend to lose this connection so the class plan really looks at rediscovering that relationship.


The Shoulder

This plan focuses on the alignment, strength and mobility of the shoulder to help achieve better upper body strength and functionality. The class is intensive but it can be easily broken up by adding in other exercises which do not focus on the shoulder.


Beginner Classes 




These two class plans are designed with a beginner in mind but still encourage movement and flow without overburdening the client with too many complications or technicalities.


For Dancers

Your wish is my command! Following several requests, this class is specifically designed for dancers with not a pointed toe in sight!


Twist & Turn

Spinal rotation is the key to improving flexion and extension as it strengthens and stretches the whole torso creating increased mobility in all planes of movement and greater awareness of the deep spinal musculature for support and stabilisation. This plan adds rotation to your moves to really enhance strength and mobility.


Circuit Cards for the Older Adult

This circuit class is specifically designed with the Older Adult in mind and uses various pieces of small equipment to create variety and functional movement.


Mat Class for Cyclists

The session plan focuses on the specific needs of the cyclist. It emphasises hamstrings connection to help create elasticity and function in this often restiricted area and also highlights correct, sequential spinal flexion and extension.


Mixed Level Class with Pre-Natal Drop -In

Although we know the amazing benefits of Pilates during pregnancy, having a pregnant client drop in on a mixed level class can throw any instructor into a spin! This main phase session plan illustrates how you can safely and effectively integrate a pregnant client easily into your class.


Beginner but Experienced Exerciser

Often a client will attend who is an experienced exerciser but has never done Pilates. This can leave us in a slight quandary- how do we challenge them but still encourage technique and precision without them leaving bored? This class plan is designed to provide a full body workout whilst allowing you to cue correct movement and technique. (I would suggest to keep the client moving and layer information and cues throughout the exercises)


Lengthen and Extend- Thoracic Mobility Focus

So many of our clients need more thoracic extension as they spend all day in hunched positions, from the breakfast table, to travelling to work to sitting at a desk all day! We need to emphasise thoracic mobility and correct sequential articulation to help combat these forward flexed postures. This plan really focuses on these areas and helps to create a much more lengthened and aligned spinal position.


Fantastic Flexion- Lumbar Mobility Focus

So often a lack of mobility in the lumbar spine restricts and inhibits the ability to progress through the Repertoire. This plan focuses specifically on this crucial area using a mini ball to really encourage movement in the lumbar spine.

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